A safe sleeping bag for my baby

A sleeping bag is highly recommended as an alternative to a duvet or other sleeping wear with the intention to lower the risk of a sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). but actually there are more information needed to choose a safe sleeping bag.

The right size is important!

If you want to buy a sleeping bag, measure your baby from shoulder to tooth and add 10cm. The result is the size your baby’s sleeping bag should have. Is your result in between two sizes, the smaller size should be preferred. That’s an important difference to clothes, where the recommendation would be the bigger size. For most newborn baby’s a sleeping bag with a length of 50-55cm will fit.

neckline size is neck plus finger

The perfect neckline size is the baby neck plus an adult finger. That means most adjustable sleeping bags shouldn’t be used in any other position than the first one.

zipper from head to bottom

The end of the zipper should be covered to avoid injuries. Or better they go downwards to make sure the soft skin of your babies neck can’t get hurt. Some manufacturers go for button in the neck area instead and start the zipper further down. Highly recommended is a two way zipper. That means you can open up the lower part of the sleeping bag to change the nappy without undressing your baby. It stays warm and comfortable and therefore it’s more likely that it keeps calm and sleepy.

Harmful ingredients

A lot of sleeping bags are having harmful ingredients and they often seems to be in the polyester filling. If you care about harmful ingredients, we recommend to go for an organic product.

match the temperature

An organic cotton sleeping bag without filling is highly likely a great sleeping bag for summer and warm room temperatures. If you are used to sleep colder, you may look for a filled or woolen sleeping bag instead. It’s important to know that a good manufacturer will give you an advice about the temperature each of their sleeping bags is made for.

Small parts

It shouldn’t be necessary to say but check if the sleeping bag has small parts that can hurt your little one by swallowing.

We wish you a good night sleep!

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