Best fabrics for my baby

Organic cotton is natural, soft, free of harmful ingredients and not as pricy as the following options. As a little add on, it’s fair for people producing the clothes and good to Mother Earth.

Woolen clothes are great because self cleaning and great for most temperatures. Natural wool does not contain harmful ingredients and if dyed, again you can go for GOTS certified products.

Merino wool is known for the lightweight and breathable texture and because Merino sheeps have to manage every temperature between -10 and 30 degree, it’s great at day and night all year long.

If you want to add a little extra, woolen bodysuits with a (mostly) 30% added silk are another option to choose. Climate regulativ and soft to baby’s skin.

Müsli ByGreenCotton is a great brand for fashionist woolen baby leggings, bodysuits, hats and more

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