CeLaVi CareTec

Let’s enjoy a rainy day! Since we know CeLaVi CareTec, we are looking forward to rainy days too. The water resistant clothes and matching gumboots are colorful and fun, simply an enjoyable outfit for your little one.

The Danish label CeLaVi CareTec is know for their little elephant, mostly included in their cute designs. Often the little elephant is the main focus in the designs and we very much like the mixture with the colorful background. Especially on a grey rainy day the funny gumboots and rain clothes let us smile and jump through the water.

The materials of all rain clothes are 100% water and wind resistant to make sure your boys and girls stay dry and warm and are perfectly dressed. All seams are sealed to provide a watertight fit. CeLaVi rain pants, rain jackets and rain overalls keep your children dry and are very comfortable to wear. If your child do not like to wear a hood, you can simply unzip it. To make sure the pants are nice and tight adjusted to the feet, what is necessary to keep the feet dry, you can fix the pants with a little elastic strap around the feat.

o high quality rain clothes

o 100% water resistant

o windproof

o sealed seams

o comfortable to wear

o unzip-able hood

o elastic strip to fix pants

The high quality products provide all the protection your toddlers and children need to enjoy a bad weather day with a lot of fun and smiles. If the weather changes or the day needs to come to an end, the kids can easily undress themselves, what was always very important to our kids.

To make outdoor activity suitable for all kids and for all types of weather, CeLaVi added some swim wear and basics layers for outdoor activity to their production line. So first layer pants and shirts, rompers and swim wear help you to dress your little one for all kind of weather and mixed days like a spring day. Maybe cold and wet in the morning, warm and dry around midday and heavy rain in the afternoon? The answer is CeLaVi with the cute elephant.

Let’s go outside to sing a song that makes it rain

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