Once you give birth to your first child, your world is chancing. A baby let you think and see the world differently. And so it is for clothing too. Your tolerance of harmful ingredients may have shrinked, the softness of a products becomes more important and everything closer to nature feels better for your baby.

Loud and proud, founded in 2008 by Barbara Schlüsselbauer, is known for organic products with no harmful ingredients and a production line that takes care about nature and people. Barbara Schlüsselbauer, herself mother of two was working as a sportswear designer before she became a mum. With all the needs of her baby, she felt some new needs about clothing and finally founded loud and proud to develop baby’s- and children's wear made from sustainable materials and manufactured under working conditions that are fair for people and nature.

That was the beginning of loud and proud, a little home company in Germany that produces clothes ‘for loud kids and proud parents’.

More than 10 years later, Barbara Schlüsselbauer has a big team throughout Germany and Europe. Loud and Proud became well known and not just for organic and fair clothes but for funny cute designs that are perfectly combinable because of the often used reversible trousers, pants and leggings.

Did you know?

Cotton is known as a natural product and therefore very popular. To produce the requested amount cheap and fast, a huge amount of chemicals are used while growing and producing cotton.

All pants, leggings, shirts, tops, jackets, hats, bibs and accessories from loud and proud are made of organic cotton that is harvest and grown without harmful ingredients.

A part of the organic cloth label Loud + Proud is manufactured in Germany and all products are GOTS certified, which means they pass one of the strictest worldwide standards with highest requirements concerning sustainability of materials and a fair production for the entire production chain www.global-standard.org.

That means your baby and child is wearing cute organic cotton, which is good to nature and great for kids. It means colorful happy clothes for the ages 0+ and that’s for a reasonable price. It actually a goal for the Loud + Proud team to keep organic fair products affordable and an therefore an alternative to conventional clothing.

At the beginning we’ve already mentioned the mixture of unicolor with simple colorful animal designs. But Loud + proud means also more than design, it means functionality! You want an example? Our favorite item is the water resistance pants and it is still organic!

I’m sure you now know why we love to offer you clothes from loud + proud!

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