Müsli by Green Cotton

Müsli and Fred’s World are both very awesome but very different labels created by green cotton. Still there is one important think they are connected through: they are both organic GOTS certified clothing brands.

Where Müsli is offering more of a stylish, luxury, often wooly and more prettier clothes for your baby; Fred’s World is fun, colorful, lively and happy. Kids must love all these emotional clothes that invite your fantasy to become an animal or pirate, monster or knight. They can play and live new stories, again and again.

We are actually always excited if we see the green little frog, which is the Fred’s World symbol made by green cotton since 1991.

Did you know?

Fred is danish for peace!
Obviously Fred’s World by green cotton is not just looking for a peaceful world but doing there little piece to make our world a more peaceful place through playful loving designs combined with fair and nature friendly clothes.

By green cotton was one of the early birds, producing a shirt made of organic cotton in 1991 was a huge thing, mostly like a revolution. Thank you guys!

As using the GOTS certificate, they take care of all steps of the production instead of just using organic fabrics. That means is closer to nature and fair to people.

Where Fred’s World is offering more of the cheeky calm inspiration of the danish culture, Müsli will inspire you with comfortability and stylish simpleness. And both are offering high standard materials to give children the best supporting organic clothes that encourage them to explore their environment.

Müsli is adding some wool and silk to their production line to make these clothes even softer, cuddlier and comfortable. It’s perfect for newborns, babies and toddler. It’s a layer of trust for the first months and years and as long as they’re are doing their first steps into a big world.

When they start to use their imagination to make this world even bigger and louder through all their laugh, Fred’s World is adding some big funny prints to support their fantasy.

Therefore Fred’s World is making sure the organic shirts, pants and accessories are robust enough and because rain shouldn’t stop the playful day of a child, some water safe bluesign® approved fabrics are added to the range of by green cotton. Rain clothes that keeps you little ones warm and dry, even during wet or winter days are often full of harmful ingredients. Not if it’s made by green cotton!

Do you know bluesign®?

bluesign® tests all used synthetic fabrics for harmful ingredients and if the production is environmental friendly.

Fred’s World rain and outdoor clothes are made out of bluesign® approve fabrics since 2016 and that means even the rain and outdoor clothes are without harmful ingredients and environmental friendly.

That’s awesome! And a good reason to make these shirts, bodysuits, walk overalls or funny hats to our favorites. If you are looking for special organic baby clothes, that’s Müsli and Fred’s World by green cotton.

And because everything needs to become to an end, even a play day, duvet covers, uni colored, soft and gentle are produced by Müsli.

We know some boys and girls just can’t stop. That’s why Fred’s world has a great range of funny duvet covers too. The prints full of wild happy animals, unicorns or knights will inspire your kids to even bigger adventures in there dreams!

Get inspired!

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