Puristic checklist for a newborn

This checklist will give you all information about the basics you and your baby really need. Also a very few little helper for you are added. It’s a big great journey to become parents (again) and we love to share all our knowledge with you to make it even more enjoyable.


6 wrap bodysuits is a must have basic. The wrap or kimono style is easy to put on, no pull over the little soft head. They’re great on their own or as a basic layer if it’s cold.

Add 3 pants (without feet) and you already dressed your little newborn. No feet means more flexibility.

3 long sleeve tops or cardigans to keep your little one warm. A cardigan again avoid to pull something over baby’s head. Otherwise you can go for a kimono or wrap style again.

2 rompers (without feet) are a lovely alternative to pants with a top. It’s an easy way to dress your little one and they are so cute.

2 pair of booties or socks for colder days/morning/nights or if you are out and about. In a warm environment barefoot us a great option too.

1 walk overall - woolen - because they help to regulate baby’s temperature best and they fit perfectly when you carry your baby in the wrap.

1 hat or beanie to keep the head warm and/or sun protected.

5 triangle (bandana) bibs to keep the clothes dry and clean during a long milky day ;)

1 sleeping bag or two if you do not use a dryer. Sleeping bag keeping you baby warm and cosy during the night. They are also highly recommended in terms of sleep safety. Learn more about The requirements of a safe sleeping bag.

Learn more about fabrics like organic cotton and wool and why you should choose specific fabrics for your baby’s cloths.


A nappy change mat to go which is easily used everywhere, especially during the night in the bed. That means you don’t have to get up, no noises that wake up others, no unnecessary awaken of you and your newborn. It’s simple, easy, fast and safe. In a couple of weeks your baby starts to get active and falling off a nappy change table is much more common than suggested.

1 little basket for nappies, cloths and oil

A bed extension for example a bassinet, which probably is the most common option. But it is also a great opportunity for a do it yourself project like this family bed.

1 fittet sheet or 2 if you do not use a dryer.

A infant capsule to keep you out and above.

A baby wrap to carry your baby, keep it calm and your hands free. Read more about why we love baby wraps.

some little things

1 little nail scissor with round edges
1 bottle of Oil (calendula or almond)
1 muslin wrap to support baby’s neck in the wrap
1 bath thermometer
1 classic fever thermometer

a few helpers

1 infrared thermometer
3 burb cloths
1 Merino wool blanket
1 hooded bath towel
1 car mirror
Child first aid course

Because we all decided for breastfeeding, it means we don’t have any experience with bottle feeding. And because we want to be real help, we don’t talk about thinks we don’t know.

You may ask..

..why long sleeve only?

You are getting a summer baby and are wondering why we recommend just long sleeve tops? Newborn and all babies in the first year have nothing what protects them against the sun. That’s why we recommend long sleeve all year long. Of course a thinner or climate regulativ fabric is important too, because a baby can heat but hardly cool down. So we recommend to choose wisely and buy less but good!

..why no feet?

Actually we have two reasons for this recommendation! First, some babies have simply bigger feet and they can’t wear it as long as they could (or even not at all). And the other reason is that if your baby doesn’t perfectly fit in pants or rompers yet, you can adjust the length if they’re no booties included. Are you scared about falling socks or booties? Make sure they are tighten on the ankle or have a little elastic waist. If they still fall, mostly it means a bigger size is necessary

They are growing so fast!

..why so many bibs?

Either you have a baby with reflux or you are having a teething baby soon. Either way, bibs are THE possibility to do not change the clothes frequently because they’re wet. If necessary, just change the bib!

You guess we’ve forgotten something? What’s about

.. a nappy changing table or even a hole ‘children’s room’, (sway) hammock, bouncinette, dummy, baby phone, buggy, nappy bag, breathing sensor/ soft toy/ mat, mobile or toys, bath tub, cuddle bunnies, nappy bin..? You don’t need them! Find out why..

I’m mostly adding this paragraph to avoid you to think we’ve forgotten something. Honestly, you need so much less than you think or others will tell you (especially the industry). You may would like to add a few thinks because it feels romantic, which is obviously fine. Enjoy your baby your way your style. If you’re not sure about something, maybe just wait until you get to know your little wee one at least a bit.

Enjoy the shopping!

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