baby wraps - a gift

the gift of baby wraps

From the perspective of evolutionary biology, it is more than natural to carry a baby. A wrap perfectly help to fulfill that need. It feels warm and comfortable in the wrap, the baby can hear the heartbeat of the caregiver and the soft movements calm them down. It is also verified that carried babies are crying less often.

As much as the baby enjoy and needs it, as much is it helpful for the mother and caregivers. Two free hands are a big gift, it helps you to cook, to do some homework, take care of older children, do your weekly shopping or just have your meal.

With some training it’s also easy to breastfeed in a wrap. That means your baby is calm and relaxed, because you can respond the needs of your baby also in inconvenient situations.

Did you know

o You can use the wrap immediately after birth.

o The M position is ergonomically helpful

o prefer a flexible but non-stretched double woven fabric, they give more stability

o especially beginner tend to wrap too loose

o ask your midwife to support you to wrap your baby the first time(s)

o roll a rolled muslin wrap in the neck to support it

o if you choose a carrier instead (which we wouldn’t in the first six month if possible), use a carrier made out of wrap fabric to make sure it has the same possibility to wrap your baby individually

o carrying means the weight of a baby or toddler divides on your baby symmetrical and lower the risk of pain in back and arms

Find the right wrap

o choose a size with more than 4m length, so most people can use it

o organic cotton makes sure no harmful ingredients are in contact with the baby skin

o in summer wrap your baby just with a nappy, so most body parts are already sub protected

o a wrap is a great opportunity for some skin in skin time, it helps to bond and calms babies most down

o choose a flexible, double woven fabric to make sure you can use it for as long as you wish

All findings are meant for healthy babies and mums. If you have any concerns, please get in contact with a carrying consultancy or doctor.

Have fun while carrying your beloved baby!

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