Welcome to the World of Frugi

or may we should say earth, because our earth means a lot to Lucy and Kurt, who founded Frugi after their clothes-nappied son didn’t fit in any baby clothes. All outdoor clothes are made from recycled plastic bottles - WOW, that’s pretty awesome and also the rest of the collection is made from organic cotton.

Frugi has a strong opinion why organic cotton is the best option for clothes:

o It’s pure, gentle, soft and snuggly
o Organic cotton feels super-soft because the fibres are left intact and not broken down by the chemicals used in the farming and processing of conventional cotton
o It’s much kinder to babies and young children’s delicate skin
o No harmful chemicals or dangerous dyes are used so organic cotton is less likely to trigger allergies
o Organic cotton is more durable and lasts so much longer enabling you to hand it down for generations!

Either you are looking for a bodysuit, all in one, jumper, shirts or pants, Frugi offers a wide range of very cute and high quality baby clothes.

Did you know?

Frugi received the ‘Queen’s Award for Enterprise’ 10 years after funding and therefor met the queen.

Since 2008 Frugi is also trading clothes for toddler, always colorful and with a lot of happiness. To keep the earth happy and healthy, all outdoor clothes are made out of recyclable plastic bottles. It for example takes 36 recycled plastic drinking bottles to make a Frugi winter jacket.

Frugi means fun for the little ones, mindful with the earth and easy for the parents.

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