Why to prefer wrap bodysuits and all in ones

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A newborn is so little, soft and delicate! A lot of first time parents find it hard to pull something over a baby’s head and also some babies do not like to get something pulled over their head. That’s why a wrap type bodysuit is the best choice for us and often recommended by midwifes.

Easy handling

Wrap bodysuits, also called kimono bodysuits, are not just very popular for a good reason, they are also very easy to handle. Open them, place your baby on top and close one side with the ribbons and/ or buttons before you do the same with the upper layer. That’s it!


Obviously they’re different types offered and other options are also fine. An alternative is the envelope style, where the shoulders are double layered and because of that easy to open. Other do have buttons on one or both shoulders to be opened when pull over and closed afterwards. Both alternatives are ok but it is still necessary to pull the clothes over the head. At least the wider opening makes it easier and much more pleasant for the baby than an old fashioned bodysuits or all in one.

Our favorite brands for wrap bodysuit are NATURE baby, Sense Organics or People WEAR ORGANIC.

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